Harris County Flood Control District


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Flood Insurance (Get It!)


Everyone Needs Flood Insurance!


Think you're safe? Learn about the history of flooding in Harris County at www.hcfcd.org/hcfloodhistory.html


Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Deliver More Than Wind


As this area witnessed during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, it doesn't take a hurricane to devastate a coastal area. Widespread flooding is a major concern for Harris County and surrounding areas. But equally as important, LOCALIZED flooding is also a real threat. If your neighborhood's street drainage system becomes overwhelmed from heavy, localized rains, even areas well outside the mapped floodplain can flood.


Flood Insurance Must Be Purchased Separately


Remember that flood insurance is not included in your standard homeowner's policy -- you must provide for it separately -- and the cost is relatively inexpensive (especially if your home is not located in the mapped floodplain). Flood insurance is sold through private insurance companies and is financially backed by the federal government. Contact your insurance agent for more information about purchasing flood insurance. Having flood insurance will not keep you from flooding, but it will help you recover. So remember, everyone lives in a flood zone, but most people don't know their degree of flood risk. There’s a 30-day wait before a flood insurance policy takes effect, so act now!


Worth Every Penny, And It's Not That Expensive


Even if you are not moved by the physical danger a tropical system presents, consider this: Repaying a $50,000 flood-related loan from the Small Business Administration costs about $300 a month over many years, while the average flood insurance policy usually runs about $300 annually. The savings in money and misery are obvious.


How to Get Flood Insurance


Visit one of the National Flood Insurance Program's websites:


or contact your insurance agent.